A Disciple’s Desires

- 7/28/2019


Luke 11:1-13

This week in our series on “Living as Disciples for the Transformation of the World” we will consider Jesus’ teaching on how disciples are to pray. Jesus then says that when we pray, we are to take the attitude that we are God’s beloved children. This business about the fish and the snake, and the egg and the scorpion, is a way of saying that God is like a loving parent who already knows our needs even before we ask. And it is an assurance that God always has our best interests in mind. The point Jesus is making to his disciples is that God loves God’s children as a parent loves her child. God loves us and wants the best for us. God anticipates our every need and desire, even before we may know them ourselves.

God knows that as disciples of Jesus Christ who are working for the transformation the world, what we need more than anything is the presence of the Holy Spirit to guide our hearts, minds, and actions. That’s what we need to be praying for with perseverance and regularity. If we are going to pray anything beyond what Jesus has taught us to pray, then what we need to ask for, every day, is simply that God would give us the Holy Spirit.

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