With All Your Heart

3/6/2019 - 4/21/2019

In this season of formation and preparation, we again approach the 40 days of Lent from a variety of different perspectives and points along the Christian journey. During this season, new and longtime Christians alike hear the call to return to God with all their hearts, thus entering a season historically characterized by much prayer and fasting. These works of discipline have for hundreds of years served as a means by which new converts prepare for baptism, which occurs as a part of the Easter Vigil. Using the words of Wesleyan theology, we believe all this work is initiated by God, who invites us to come before God with all our hearts.

Because of the duration of the season, this series mirrors Advent in both length and the number of Scriptures chosen this year. With the exception of Palm/Passion Sunday and Easter Day, we have selected the Old Testament and Epistle readings. These passages work hand-in-hand to clearly articulate the distinct pathway that begins with God’s call (Ash Wednesday and Lent 1) and continues through the process of our own repentance (Lent 2 and 3), reconciliation with God and one another (Lent 4 and 5), and preparation to publicly proclaim our belief in the risen Christ (Palm/Passion and Easter). This, then, becomes a time for us to revisit and renew our beginnings along the Christian journey of salvation.

Sermons In This Series

  1. God's Generous Heart
  2. Imitating
  3. Coming Together
  4. Repenting
  5. Making A New Thing
  6. Preparing